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Fraud costs U.S. companies hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Every company is susceptible to losses resulting from fraudulent behavior by employees and other people associated with companies. Suspicion of fraud can add disastrous news to any company.   The cost of fraud could result in:

The losses of company assets that have been stolen or removed by employees or other people

Once fraud has been established, the attention of management and employees is diverted and the company's bottom line is affected.

A company that believes that fraud has taken place should immediately take action to ensure that the particular incident has not spread and it is isolated. Our firm has an entire department devoted to fraud investigation and examination. Not only do our professionals hold the key licenses such as CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, but they also hold many other licenses which give them credibility and knowledge on how to perform and assist clients with Fraud Examination.

As we do with other aspects within our firm, our entire team of experts is involved in assisting the Certified Fraud Examiner with every detail. We work as part of a team, and if the need arises, we are able to provide expert testimony and explain what we have found. The CSI Group, LLP can provide you with expertise in fraud investigation to resolve any uncertainties. We will assist you in reducing or perhaps eliminating the future fraudulent acts within your organization.

Sarbanes Oxley, Section 404 -  Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 requires management of all public companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their company's internal control over financial reporting. The independent auditors must test and report on such internal controls. Meeting Section 404 is very difficult, very time consuming and very costly. Our fraud examination service includes:

Litigation support

Forensic accounting

Asset tracing

Expert witness

Much, much more...

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